About us



We are SAMA RAKK, two artistic and tech-savvy sisters with a shared love for unique and funky jewelry. Our name, which means “sibling” in the Wolof dialect of Senegal, is a homage to both our sisterhood, and our shared Senegalese and French-Canadian heritage. We cherish natural beauty from all walks of life, and we encourage individuals to showcase their true colours.

SAMA RAKK is a kaleidoscopic accessories brand, we propose eye-catching, experimental and unexpected earring designs in limited quantities. We equip our wearers with an opportunity to make a statement, with our confident, vibrant, and timeless earring concepts. As members of the African Diaspora, LGTBQIA2S+ and BIPOC Communities, we proudly stand against any discrimination, promoting a sense of belonging and inclusivity as people and as a brand.

Senegalese culture expresses itself using bright, vibrant, and festive colours throughout its clothing and accessories. It is a celebratory style of fashion that is steeped in tradition. With SAMA RAKK, we wanted to join the party and create an accessory that would capture the bold, and vivid colourfulness we know and love.

We are a new company, but our brand and ethos has been growing since childhood. We create jewelry that we want to wear and that allows each wearer to be unique. All our products are designed, created, and assembled by us in Montreal and Winnipeg, Canada.