About us

We are two creative sisters working in the domains of visual arts, design and technology, who share a love for unique and funky earrings. We started experimenting with creating our own,  and realized how much we loved collaborating together as siblings. We came up with the name SAMA RAKK as it means “sibling” in Wolof, the language spoken in Senegal, as we both share a Senegalese and French-Canadian heritage. 

We launched SAMA RAKK in the Spring of 2019. Up to this point, SAMA RAKK was primarily focused on in person sales. After an abundance of positive feedback and being told our earrings were “all the range”, we have decided to take this little side business full force. We have just launched our Online store, social media accounts and have our eyes set on bigger craft and jewelry sales to satisfy our growing customer base and attract new earring lovers.